Are You Considering Suing the Alabama Government for an Injury? November 7, 2018 by admin

If you have been injured due to the carelessness of a government employee or official,you may be wondering if you can bring a personal injury lawsuit against that person or the state. The short answer is,yes,you may file an injury claim against a government official. However,it is definitely not as simple or straightforward as filing a personal injury lawsuit against an individual or business.

Ultimately,the government is protected by a law known as sovereign immunity. This law basically ensures that the government cannot be made a defendant in a court of law. Although some exceptions to this rule are made in many states,if you live in the state of Alabama,you should know that few exceptions exist. However,if your claim is against a government worker,county worker,city worker or government agent,you may still bring an injury claim against them.

In some cases,the agents or workers may be protected under the state immunity law,and simply proving that they acted in bad faith is not good enough. In most cases,state employees receive state immunity automatically. Therefore,if you intend to file a personal injury lawsuit against the government worker,you should definitely seek the advice of a- who will be able to advise you of your chances of winning the case based on the evidence that you have and the type of injury you suffered.

You should also bear in mind that different laws pertain to government workers in different positions. You also need to be clear on whether your claim is against a specific government worker or the state itself. This will ensure that your attorney is able to appropriately advise you on what your chances are of winning the case. If you are still adamant on suing the Alabama government for an injury,a- will provide you with the best chances of winning your case.

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