What A Not Guilty Plea Means In Traffic Court January 28, 2019 by admin

Whenever a person is issued a traffic ticket,they have the option to spend a day in traffic court to try to fight it. The best way to fight it? Pleading not guilty. This can be a bit risky,but some people feel as though this is the only way to go,even if they are actually guilty.

If a person pleads not guilty,they are basically saying that they would like to have a traffic court trial and should seriously consider getting a go to traffic court. That means a date is set and the officer who issued the ticket is subpoenaed.

A trial can always be a pretty risky thing to go through,because there is a chance of a loss. However,a lot of people plead not guilty in traffic court in part because there is a chance that the officer does not show up. They have a lot of other things to do,and maybe they do not feel like it is important enough to go to court. When that happens,the case is won.

If the trial actually happens,the whole process is pretty simple. A person either represents themselves,or they hire a traffic attorney. Either way,they try to present the case that they were innocent. The officer has his chance to present his case as well. The judge quickly makes a decision,and the verdict is handed down.

Going to trial is a bit risky,because if the person issued the ticket loses,they might have to end up paying more in the end. That is especially the case if atraffic violation lawyer is used. Keep that in mind so that there are no real surprises. Of course,going to trial is the only way that there is at least some chance that not a single fine will have to be paid in the end.

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