The Twelfth Major Zurich Axiom: On Planning March 18, 2019 by admin

By John Sage Melbourne

Long range plans engender the hazardous belief that the future is under control. Never ever take your own long-lasting plans or other people’s plans seriouslyThe ant who constructs his home with long term care gets fumigated or his nest gets bulldozed. The insect leaps out of the way. Long term plans fail to take into consideration the unanticipated nature of the future.Your only long-lasting strategy must be your objective to get abundant. How you will achieve this can not be anticipated with certainty.Your plans must include continuing to study,discovering and improving.

Minor axiom XVI: Avoid long term investmentsLong term investments have one major advantage: you do not have to believe. The disadvantage is that you are then a victim of the long-lasting outcome,which is frequently unforeseeable and without modification and reassessment on an continuous basis,is unsatisfactory at finest and devastating at worst.

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Speculative technique

It is useless and hazardous to prepare for a future you can not see. Put your money into ventures as they unfold and withdraw as either dangers loom or other opportunities present.Your long-lasting strategy is to get abundant. How you obtain wealth will change and establish as opportunities provide themselves in today.

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